Bathroom Stained Glass

Bathroom Stained Glass

You will gain the privacy you need without losing the light.

Entryway Stained Glass Salt Lake City

Entryway Stained Glass

Entryway will be bright without losing your privacy.

Hallway Stained Glass Windows Salt Lake City

Sidelight Stained Glass

Add light and beauty to your entryway.

Kitchen Stained Glass Salt Lake City

Kitchen Stained Glass

Beautiful stained glass will compliment your kitchens windows and cabinet doors.

Transom Leaded & Beveled Glass Salt Lake City

Transom Stained Glass

Added beauty for your homes transom windows.

Stained Glass Sidelights Salt Lake City

Hallway Stained Glass

Add beauty and privacy to your hallways.

Stained Glass Restoration & Repair Salt Lake City

Repair & Restoration

Add new life to your stained and leaded glass.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Windows Salt Lake City

Religious Stained Glass

Timeless beauty for your religious windows.

Temple & Church Stained Glass Salt Lake City


Add Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design to your home.

Commercial Stained Glass Salt Lake City


Add eye catching stained glass designs to your commercial space.

Welcome to Kansas City Stained Glass

Whether you are looking for stained or leaded glass to compliment your home’s interior design, religious stained glass for your temple or church, or even stained glass for your business or non profit, we are here to serve you with the world’s most beautiful stained glass windows.  We serve both Kansas and Missouri from our hub in Kansas City and are the local branch of Scottish Stained Glass.  We’ve produced over 75,000 windows since starting our company in 1991.

Contact us today to schedule your free onsite consultation.  We will come to your home, discuss your project and create beautiful, custom stained glass for nearly any application you can imagine.  Not only do we install our glass in bathrooms, doors, sidelights, and transoms, but also bedrooms, hallways, basements, kitchens and so much more!

Stained Glass Kansas City Blog

  • Kansas city stained glass bathroom-bevel-glass Stained glass installation experts - With custom designed stained glass, Kansas City homes and businesses can have windows or doors created in absolutely any style, any pattern, any design, any colors or types of glass. With over 60,000 stained glass installations under our belt, we believe we have earned the right to be considered experts.
  • Kansas-City-Stained-Glass-Kitchen-stained-glass-(3) Stained glass process - Here at Kansas City Stained Glass, we’ve got a process in place to collaborate with our clients in creating the most beautiful and highest quality stained glass windows, custom designed to their specific tastes.
  • Kansas City Stained Glass Art Deco Custom art deco stained glass - Art Deco stained glass is a classic. It’s bold and stylish, colorful and dramatic, and it really seems to go with the city of Kansas City. With Art Deco stained glass, Kansas City homes and office spaces can bring a striking and unique accent into their spaces.
  • Transom-Kansas-City-Stained-Glass-(11)-(1280x572) Installation experts - When purchasing custom stained glass, you want to work with talented designers who can create the patterns and styles you love. You want to work with a company that has passionate and detail oriented craftsmen who will build high quality stained glass that is as well constructed as it is gorgeous. And you want a […]
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