Need More Light? Try A Transom Window

Natural light has become a much sought after factor for today’s home buyers and homeowners. To meet this desire, the trend has been for more and bigger windows in homes over the past few decades. However, even today there are many Kansas City homes that have rooms without enough light. By installing transom windows (this is a home renovation project) you can add the light you’ve been craving, along with architectural interest to the room.

Transom windows sit above your existing windows and allow extra light to come into any room. They are usually long, narrow horizontal windows, but they could also be half-moon or even round shaped. Most of them don’t open, but you can have transoms that do. (If they are not too close to the ceiling. If you cannot reach high enough to open or close them, there’s no point to building ones that open.)

In older Victorian homes, a transom that opened and a ceiling fan were frequently considered a perfectly acceptable form of air conditioning. Transoms have been around for a long time, used to add light, interest, elegance, more architectural design, and many other reasons. So why not use them to add beauty as well with the addition of stained glass?

You could also add transom windows to an interior wall of your home for more light to pass through from room to room, to open up the space and make it feel more airy, and to add interest there as well.

By adding stained glass to the transom windows, you will have a piece of art that will transform the entire look and feel of the room. If it was your least favorite room before, because it was too dark, don’t be surprised to find you now want to spend all your time there.


Stained glass transom windows are one of the most popular commissions here at Kansas City Stained Glass. If you are wondering how much light can get through the colored glass, it just so happens that a large percentage of the transoms we work on are done in frosted or clear leaded glass for just that reason.

Curious about stained glass transom windows? Wondering if that might be a good idea to add more light to your Kansas City home? Take a look at our transom stained glass gallery to see a few of the gorgeous windows we have built for some of our previous clients.

You’ll notice that most of them are clear, not colored glass. But when you work with Kansas City Stained Glass, each piece we create is custom designed to your specifications. So you can have your transom stained glass any style or pattern or colors that you like.

Please contact us today for an in-home consultation with a Kansas City stained glass designer.