Restore the vintage staircase landing/grand entry stained glass in your Kansas City home!

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a historic home in that has a grand entry, you may also have a vintage stained glass window in your foyer or above your staircase landing. While vintage stained glass can make a stunning addition to a grand entry, it does require regular care and cleaning. In that case, you may want to consider stained glass restoration. Restoration can help rejuvenate the shine and color of your entry stained glass and make your Kansas City home look more elegant and polished.

What is stained glass restoration?

Stained glass restoration is the process of repairing and cleaning stained glass. It can sometimes be quite an extensive and tedious process depending on the age and condition of the glass. But if carried out properly by a professional, restoration can really make a difference.

Restoration removes any grime or build up on the glass to make it look newer, more vibrant, and lustrous. It can also help fix any issues with sagging, bowing, deteriorated leading, holes, or cracks. As stained glass can last for hundreds of years, restoration is a common process that is usually required for most stained glass windows sometime within their lifetime.

The Process for Restoring Vintage Stained Glass

If you have a vintage stained glass window above your staircase landing or in your grand entry, chances are it will have to be removed for the restoration to be completed. After that, it is taken to a studio where all the repairs and cleaning can be conducted in a safe, controlled environment.

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A professional will clean the glass by soaking it in a gentle cleaning solution for up to two weeks time. Then the panel is disassembled and restored/repaired. This sometimes requires the use of new leading, framing, or glass pieces. Next, it is reconstructed and put back together into the original pattern. The window will be returned to your home and carefully reinstalled.

The benefit of restoration is, not only does it improve the appearance of antique stained glass, but it can make it last longer. By replacing any damaged materials or pieces, restoration allows the window to become stronger and more structurally sound. Many stained glass windows last for another hundred years after restoration.

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Restoration Services for Staircase/Entry Stained Glass in Kansas City

If you’re interested in stained glass restoration for your staircase or entryway stained glass window, please contact Kansas City Stained Glass. Our experts can restore your antique stained glass to its original beauty so you can continue to enjoy having it in your home for another several years time.