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The Five Amazing Modern Stained Glass Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Stained glass is generally considered to be an old-fashioned material. When people hear the term “stained glass,” they usually think of historic churches or homes like those in Kansas City, where it is used. But at this time, a magnificent resurgence of the stained glass art is occurring, and you can see evidence of it on social media. Instagram is one of the greatest locations to view stunning work done by stained glass artists. While there are many amazing stained glass photos on Instagram, we’ve identified five artist accounts that you must follow!

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 1

These beautiful, ethereal stained glass wall hangings are created by an artist using simple shapes and soft color combinations.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 2


This artist creates beautiful, vintage-inspired stained glass art using modern colors and geometric shapes. These pieces are perfect for any home or office looking to add a touch of elegance.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 3


By using traditional Arabic shapes, this artist is able to bring a sense of wonder and magic to his stained glass windows. His choice of colors makes his work stand out and gives it a contemporary twist.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 4


This stained glass artist takes beautiful everyday objects and transforms them into stunning stained glass for people to enjoy. Her most popular items by far are her gorgeous hair combs, which many women love.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 5

Though our parent company offers beautiful modern and vintage stained glass windows, their most stunning work is in their modern stained glass architectural installations.

Modern Stained Glass Designer in Kansas City

Our firm, with over 20 years of expertise, is the best choice for stained glass design in Kansas city. If you’re interested in antique or contemporary stained glass, we give complimentary consultations! Get started now by contacting us.

Featured Stained Glass Project: St. Edward’s Church

We’re proud to announce the recent completion of our custom church stained glass project over at St. Edward’s Church. This Pennsylvania church sought out to find a studio to create a memorial piece for its recently passed pastor. They decided to replace an existing window located in their observatory so they could also hide the street view from ongoing service. St. Edward’s reached out to many different studios across the nation and decided to go with ours.

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Stunning Examples of Transom Stained Glass for Kansas City Homes

Looking for something to give your home that extra special touch? Consider transom stained glass!

Transom stained glass windows make a lovely addition to any Kansas City home. Not only do these unique works of art look beautiful, but they also make your transom windows more functional by adding privacy.

Below, we’ve shared some beautiful examples for you to look at. Continue Reading

5 Beautiful Places You Can Find Stained Glass in Kansas

Stained glass can be found in churches, museums, buildings, and homes worldwide. In fact, there are some fantastic examples of stained glass in Kansas!

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This Month’s Featured Church Stained Glass Restoration Project

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently completed our successful church stained glass restoration project for The Rising Church. This incredible church was built back in 1913 and is located in Arvada, CO. Known for its inspiring homeless outreach, The Rising Church recently experienced an unfortunate incident. One evening, someone walking by had thought they heard screaming from inside the church after it had closed. They ended up throwing stones through the stained glass windows to stop the commotion. Luckily, there was no one inside but most of the original windows were damaged all the same.

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Stained Glass Crest Artwork in Kansas City

Family crest stained glass is one of our lesser-known but outstanding stained glass creations. They are popular because they become family heirlooms and are lovely. They’re also a type of -stained glass that allows for a lot of customization. We can utilize anything from your lineage to sigils, coats of arms, surnames, and even mottos or slogans when customizing your family crest.

How Are Stained Glass Crests Created And What Do They Look Like?

Each family crest is created individually in our Kansas City stained glass studio. The most frequent form of family crests, in our experience, is octagonal, but we offer the option of creating it in any shape you choose. These handmade stained glass pieces are well crafted and long-lasting, so they will undoubtedly endure and become a family heirloom for future generations.

A lot of the stained glass family crests we create are panels that are mounted on the wall. This means you may transport them from home to home so they remain in your family. They also come with a lifetime transferable guarantee, allowing them to be passed down through generations. These pieces of art will endure over 100 years if properly cared for!

Can I Give a Stained Glass Family Crest As  A Gift?

Giving family crest stained glass panel as a present to someone in your family is a great idea! These make beautiful and thought-provoking presents. We mostly produce these lovely stained glass crests as large panels to hang on the wall or on the windowsill. As a result, you may give them as gifts just like any other memorabilia. The best aspect about giving the gift of family crest stained glass is that it can be appreciated by everyone in the family when they see it or attend gatherings at home.

Different Places Stained Glass Crests Work Well

Although we typically make crests for family heirlooms, we have done them for Kansas City schools, fraternal organizations, and other comparable groups as well. So if you’re a proud member of organizations like these—a stained glass panel is something to think about buying.

Contact us immediately to receive pricing for more information on our bespoke stained glass work, or to talk about a family crest for your Kansas City area property.

Kansas City Painted Stained Glass Artist

Painted stained glass is a centurys’ old tradition. The process of painting stained glass is complex and needs years of experience to accomplish successfully. We have over two decades of expertise with all types of stained glass, including hand-painted, stained glass. Many talented stained glass experts are employed exclusively to the task of painting at our studios. Read on to learn more about how these works of art are produced whether you’re searching for painted window restoration or an original creation.

The Age-Old Tradition Of Painted Stained For Kansas City Churches

Churches in Kansas City may benefit greatly from painted stained glass, which is a lovely and distinctive way to bring character and elegance to the space. However, making it isn’t simple. It’s a very technical endeavor. The hues you see on painted, stained glass are formed through mineral and oil chemical interactions.

Painted Stained Glass Technique 1

The artist begins with a colored glass piece. They then apply black paint made of oils and minerals to it. The piece is then fired in our kiln for a few hours at 1250-1450 degrees Fahrenheit until the paint melts into the glass. After the two are combined, the paint becomes integrated into the glass and will not rub off.

Painted Stained Glass Technique 2

During this procedure, the colors are applied to the transparent glass one at a time and fired between layers to build up color. Yellow is a difficult hue to achieve. This is due to the fact that silver staining, which is used for yellows coloring, is highly poisonous. It also doesn’t mix well with other hues. So, while our artists attempt to create the color green, they must paint the yellow on the opposite side of the glass in order to keep the yellow and blue distinct. Even though this process is lengthy, it’s the only way to get real-life shading like stained glass enthusiasts desire.

Kansas City’s Best Painted Stained Glass Artists

We are one of the United States’ oldest and most experienced stained glass studios. We know how to match any era’s painted stained glass. We can also create new stained glass artwork using both old and new methods, so whether you’re looking for an authentic restoration of your antique stained glass or something fresh, we’re the company to call. Get in touch with us today to discover more about restored, etched, or colored windows in KC.

The Meaning of Religious Stained Glass Icons 

You may have noticed a variety of symbols in different parts of church stained glass windows. This is quite typical for religious stained glass. Iconography was frequently employed to communicate essential stories to church congregations. Some emblems, like crosses, have a very obvious significance. However, there are icons that do not have such an easy meaning. The following are some of our favorite religious stained glass emblems and what they signify.’

Church Stained Glass Iconography

  • A Dove: the Holy Spirit is represented by a dove, which symbolizes the Holy Spirit.
  • A Dove and Rainbow: The dove and the rainbow are symbols for endings and forgiveness, according to ancient legend.
  • A Chalice with Grapes: The most frequent symbol for Holy Communion is the chalice and grapes.
  • A Lamb: became the symbol for Jesus the sacrificial lamb and Lamb of God
  • Messianic Rose: The Messianic Rose is a well-known Christian symbol representing the promised Messiah, as it means “Messiah’s Blossom.” The prophet Isaiah predicted that when God’s kingdom comes, the desert would blossom like a rose.
  • The Lion: Judah’s tribe is represented by the lion, which is known for its strength, bravery, and compassion.
  • Fish: The Greek fish represents Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It has been used as a secret sign since it was dangerous to be a Christian.
  • Anchor: One of the oldest Jesus Christ symbols is the anchor, which dates back to the catacombs.
  • Dragon: The dragon is a representation of Satan. It may also refer to sin.
  • Leaf and Acorn: The acorn, which is not often seen, stands for the growth of faith from a tiny seed to a towering tree.
  • Butterfly: It’s a beautiful emblem that signifies rebirth and eternal life.

To learn more about the lovely meaning behind your church’s stained glass, contact us today!

3 Reasons to Install Stained Glass in Your Kansas City Home

Taking the time to invest in your home is always a good idea. Home investments can help you improve your property whether you’re planning on reselling or staying in your forever home. When it comes to finding a beautiful solution for improving decor, there are a few options that will also help address property functionality as well. While stained glass has long been loved as an art form, many don’t realize some of the exclusive benefits it can offer residential properties. Here are three reasons why you should install stained glass in your Kansas City home.

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Should I Repair My Victorian Stained Glass Windows or Get New Ones?

If you have Victorian stained glass windows in your Kansas City house, the chances are they need to be repaired or restored. This is because vintage stained-glass needs repair/restoration every 80-100 years and it has been over 100 since these were made. Many homeowners come asking if their window’s worth repairing.  For the most part, we encourage them to opt for restoration. Read below why:

Victorian  Stained Glass Is has Monetary Value

Victorian stained glass windows are an increasingly rare commodity. While you may not think much of it, your Kansas City home’s stained glass windows from this period could be worth a pretty penny when restored! This all depends on the quality and restoration – but generally speaking, these antique pieces will appraise for 4x that of new stained glass. 

Victorian Vintage Stained Glass Is Historical Value

Stained glass windows are a beautiful part of history. They have monetary value because they’re antique, but also worth preserving for their historical significance.  One can find out about the window’s past by looking at who commissioned it and what materials were used to create them.  We can help you find these things out when we do your appraisal.  However, the importance of these pieces extends beyond just being pretty. When you opt to have them restored you are keeping a little piece of Kansas City history alive too.

No matter what you decide to do with your Victorian home’s stained glass it is always a good idea to get it inspected and/or appraised to find out who made it and when.  Contact us today for pricing and to schedule an appointment.