Keep Your Kansas City Home Private with Stained Glass

Keep Your Kansas City Home Private with Stained Glass

As we continue to spend more and more time inside of our homes, it can be easy to start noticing some issues around your residential property that you never really noticed before. One of the most common issues that homeowners are experiencing is privacy issues. Having a lack of privacy in your own home can definitely make you feel uncomfortable and can actually be a safety concern as well. You don’t want nosy neighbors or potential intruders to be able to look into your property. Privacy stained glass offers the best solution for keeping your Kansas City home private while ensuring a gorgeous investment.

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Stained Glass Restoration vs. Replacement for Kansas City Businesses

Some historical properties and commercial properties throughout the Kansas City area have incredible original stained glass windows. These features often attract many guests, help differentiate your property, and add some unique charm. If you start to see any signs of deterioration or damage, it’s time to start considering if you’d like to have your stained glass restored or replaced. So what’s the difference between stained glass restoration and replacement?

The Benefits of Stained Glass Restoration for Your Kansas City Business

Stained glass restoration is a comprehensive process that restores your original stained glass window. It can add more than another century of life to your windows and offers other great benefits. Stained glass replacement is creating a new window and replacing the old one. Restoration is actually less expensive than replacement and provides a great ROI but preserving the antique value. Stained glass restoration also ensures that future generations can appreciate your original windows. Creating a custom stained glass window to replace your original one is often very costly but can be a great investment. Having an assessment completed on your original windows by a professional stained glass artisan can give you a better idea of the cost-benefit analysis between restoration and replacement.

Work with Kansas City’s Preferred Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Kansas City Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred stained glass restoration studio serving the Missouri and Kansas area. We’ve helped countless businesses and commercial properties find custom solutions for restoring their stained glass features. We’re available during normal business hours and are providing free virtual consultations. Our renowned restoration specialists would love the opportunity to help you properly preserve your treasured commercial stained glass windows. We’re looking forward to working with you!

For more information regarding commercial stained glass restoration for your Kansas City property, please contact us!

Beautiful Bathroom Stained Glass for Your Kansas City Home

Creating a place in your Kansas City home where you can escape, relax, and focus on self-care is important. Especially when you have a family, it’s critical to have a place where you can recharge. Your master bathroom is a great option for designing an oasis where you can unwind. Custom stained glass offers an incredible way to enhance your bathroom design and create a true master bathroom oasis for you to get away.

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o Repair, Restore Remove: Antique Stained Glass Restoration

When it comes to stained glass that is over 80 years old–decisions need to be made about long-term care and restoration. Whether this antique stained glass is in your Kansas City church or home–the questions are all the same. You must ask what the best course of action is to keep your stained glass safe and/or looking good. This usually comes down one of three options: repair, restore or remove.

When to Have Stain Glass Repaired

Stained glass should be repaired when it has minimal issues. This means light cleaning is needed, a few glass panels are chipped or cracked and/or it has small pieces of missing leading. Also, the glass should be under 80 years old to consider repair rather than restoration. This is because stained glass older than 80 years old may have structural issues requiring full restoration.

When to Have Stained Glass Restored

Stained glass needs to be fully restored around the age of 80. As it happens, stained glass was only designed to last 80-100 years before needing restoration due to the materials makers had at the time. When a stained glass is restored it is fully removed from your home or church. It is then taken to our studio for repairs. The restoration includes things like new caming, new support structures, new or restored glass panels, and a deep cleaning.

When to Have Stained Glass Removed

The very last option and one we rarely recommend is for stained glass to be removed. This course of action happens when the window as a whole is beyond repair. In this case, salvaging the window as a whole is not an option. You may be able to save a few pieces and have them made into hanging panels in this case. As sad as it is when stained glass is beyond repair, we here at Scottish can build you a spectacular new window to take its place that will last for 200+ years!

For more information on stained glass repair and restoration here in Kansas City or for a custom stained glass inquiry, contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass today!

Stylish Ways to Add Stained Glass to Your Custom Home

Custom-built homes have been increasingly popular in the Kansas City area. The appeal of creating a home that meets all your functional and aesthetic needs has really resonated with homeowners. When planning the design of your custom home, stained glass is a great option that should be considered for its function and beauty. Stained glass can be customized to complement your intended vision, offering full aesthetic creativity for homeowners and custom home builders.

The Advantages of Stained Glass for Kansas City Custom Homes

Custom stained glass offers a wide scope of benefits that can be implemented into any custom home. Here are some great opportunities for adding stained glass:

  • Entryways: Gain that grand entryway feel by utilizing stained glass in your front door, sidelights, and/or transom. Stained glass can elevate your entryway while offering the privacy benefits that you need. Leaded glass doubles as a privacy solution by blocking unwanted views without obstructing natural sunlight.
  • Bathrooms: For white or neutral color bathrooms, a colorful stained glass piece can add gorgeous contrast. The bathroom offers endless design opportunities that also benefit from the added advantage of privacy. Leaded glass provides pure elegance that can transform your bathroom into the sanctuary that you deserve.
  • Basements: Basement window wells are always required for your home to be up to code. Stained glass is a great way to hide these unsightly views while adding beauty to your space.

Work with Kansas City’s Top Custom Stained Glass Studio

Kansas City Stained Glass is proud to be the custom stained glass studio in the Kansas-Missouri area. We’ve worked with numerous custom home builders to create their client’s vision and would love the opportunity to really bring out that custom appeal in your home. For more information regarding custom stained glass for your custom-built home, please contact us!

Stained Glass Privacy Solutions for Modern Bathrooms

When you think about privacy solutions for your bathroom, stained glass is probably the last thing that comes to mind (if at all). But in reality, stained glass is a making a huge comeback in the interior design world. Elegant privacy stained glass solutions provide Kansas City homeowners with an easy way to control views and light in their bathroom. They’re practical and the aesthetic result is highly intriguing. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite stained glass privacy solutions.

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Stained Glass Design Ideas for Modern Kitchens

For modern kitchens here in the KC area, there simply is not a better design accent than a stunning stained glass window or feature. You may think of stained glass as old-fashioned and not something for the modern home. But, stained glass, particularly in kitchens can actually be very modern. Below we have outlined some of our favorite uses of stained glass in kitchens and why we think it is so incredibly modern.

Stained Glass Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most ubiquitous uses for stained glass in kitchens is on the cabinets. It lends such an amazing aesthetic and is so very eye-catching. The best part though is that stained glass used as cabinet doors gives you the modern open cabinet feel but with a little bit of coverage for anything that could look cluttered

Stained Glass Kitchen Windows Over Sinks

The reason for stained glass over sinks in kitchens is fairly easy to understand–it to keeps you from accidentally gazing into your neighbors home or yard while doing your mindlessly doing dishes. However, it also keeps your neighbor’s eyes out of your personal and active kitchen. This is one area where you can really get creative and modern with your stained glass choices in your kitchen. Nothing looks better with clean lines and modern decor in a home kitchen than the pops of color you will get with stained glass.


Stained Glass Room Divider

A lot of people have kitchens that open up to the living area or dining room. This is a fantastic setting for entertaining but can be difficult to divide seamlessly. Stained glass panels are an excellent addition to give you a tiny bit of separation and a ton of modern style! Bold, innovative and the contemporary look you crave–stained glass room dividers are fast coming into vogue.

For more information on stained glass for your modern Kansas City home, contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass today!

What Are the Most Common Types of Dalle Stained Glass?

Dalle de verre stained glass windows are perhaps some of the most coveted works of art existing today. These brilliant mosaics feature a blaze of colors, enchanting designs, and rich texture. But are all types of Dalle de Verre stained glass the same? Our Kansas City experts tell us no. In fact, there are a few different types of Dalle de Verre. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular and well-known styles.

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The History of Dalle Stained Glass

If you have seen Dalle stained glass around here in the Kansas City area you probably love it as much as we do. A type of stained glass made with cement or epoxy joints rather than lead caming–it is wonderful to see this sturdy type of stained glass art both indoors and out. Another cool thing about Dalle stained glass is that is was created rather recently. Reaffirming our belief that stained glass truly is timeless. Since it is a more modern form of stained glass works, its origins are fairly well recorded and it is interesting to watch how this style spread like wildfire across the world in only a few decades. 

Where Dalle Stained Glass Was First Made

The very first Dalle faceted windows were produced in France following World War I. It seems an obscured artist collaborated with a french glass shop to have these cement and stained glass panels created for a commission. Soon after this type of stained glass is seen in French architect Auguste Perret’s work. He used it to create faceted glass concrete walls in the Notre-Dame du Raincy church in a Paris suburb. Soon after, many French artists began using faceted glass in their architectural projects. Many of which were churches. 

Jean Gaudin is given credit for fully developing the technique. He would have large Slabs of colored glass, up to 1.25” thick poured then shaped by breaking with a hammer or cutting with a saw. The edges of the resulting pieces would sometimes be chipped to increase the faceted effects. He then laid out the glass pieces into a traditional stained-glass design in a framed bed of sand. The substrate of sand and cement or epoxy resin was then poured between the glass pieces. When it dried and clean it resulted in thicker, studier glass and frames with enchantingly deeper color effects However, it wasn’t until the1950s and 1960s that this glass really came into prominence.

Dalle de Verre Stained Glass In the 1950s and 60s

Dalle de Verre spread first to the UK and was brought there by a man named Pierre Fourmaintraux. He trained Dom Charles Norris in the technique, a Dominican Friar who went on to become one of the biggest proponents of Dalle de Verre. His work can be seen incorporated into several Modernist Catholic churches today. Although early Dalle US installations were made earlier in the century, Cathedral of St. Joseph where Jean Barillet created 26 windows that were each 67 feet high and 13 1/2 feet wide around 1959. These windows arguably kicked off the Dalle de Verre stained glass period in the US.

Sadly, this type of stained glass fell out of favor in the 1970s. This was in part because of changing aesthetic changes but also because the glass was sometimes subject to structural problems over time. The size, weight and difficult to remove the cement matrix in which the glass sat posed challenges to restoration

Here at Kansas City Stained Glass or any of our nationwide locations we are able to work on and restore you Dalle stained glass to preserve a piece of history.  Contact us today for more information.

What Is the Painted Glass Process?

Did you know that you can incorporate painted glass into any stained glass project? Painted elements can add beauty and distinction, creating visual interest in one-of-a-kind art. Painted glass can provide gorgeous detail work only achievable through this medium. Perfect for family crests, portraits, landscapes, and more, painted glass is perfect for any holiday gift. The painted glass process requires a lot of skill and patience but can be executed by the right stained glass studio.

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