Benefits of Creating Custom Stained Glass Design for Your Kansas City Home

Benefits of Creating Custom Stained Glass Design for Your Kansas City Home

Many people have not been exposed to the beauty of stained glass outside of churches. However, stained glass can make a gorgeous accent to any home. Using custom stained glass, Kansas City homeowners can tailor this beautiful decorative element to their own style and taste while experiencing a number of benefits.

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Custom Stained Glass Family Crests For Your Kansas City Home

Why Family Crests Stained Glass Is A Lovely Choice For Your Home

When it comes to stained glass there are many different styles beyond church designs. In fact, there are even more styles than the popular home floral or geometric designs most people are familiar with for homes as well. Not only are there a variety of types of stained glass window designs out there–stained glass is a highly customizable artform too, so you can have a design all your own. One of these less known but fantastic stained glass styles is family crest stained glass. These lovely family heirlooms are customized to fit your family sigil and/ or badge, colors and even your crest’s motto or slogan. Whatever you want to represent your proud family history, can be easily created here at our Kansas City Stained Glass studios.

How Are Stained Glass Crest’s Created And What Do They Look LIke?

As stated above, each family crest is individually crafted, in-house, at Kansas City Stained Glass. The most common shape of family crests are octagonal but which shape we create it in is totally up to you and your family. Since or stained glass crests are create by hand and are extremely durable, they will become an heirloom of your family lasting for generations to come! But, should you want to move your crest to a different home, they also come with a lifetime transferable warranty so they can be passed on to the next generation. If properly maintained these works of art will last 80-100 years before needing repair!

Can I Give a Stained Glass Family Crest As A Gift?

Yes, family crest stained glass makes a lovely gift too! A piece of family crest stained glass can be made as either a window or a free hanging panel. The best part about giving the gift of family crest stained glass is– it is something for the whole family to celebrate and enjoy, These crest represents the proud heritage linked to your family and are simply stunning. We have done crests for schools, fraternal organizations, and similar organizations, so this is a perfect gift for those who are hard to buy for.

To learn more about stained glass watch the video below:

For more information on our custom stained glass creation or to talk to someone about a family crest for your Kansas City home, contact us today!

Pre-Made v. Custom Stained Glass: Choosing What’s Right for Your Kansas City Home

When it comes to deciding your next stained glass investment for your Kansas City home, it’s pertinent to understand the underlying differences and advantages between pre-made and custom made stained glass. Both options have a lot to offer– stained glass can increase home equity, elevate curb appeal, double as a privacy solution, and much more.
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How To Spot Damage In Your Kansas City Home’s Stained Glass Windows


How To Spot Damage In Your Kansas City Home’s Stained Glass Windows

Here in lovely Kansas City and across the country for that matter, the 100-year mark for many stained glass windows is upon us or fast approaching. This is because a myriad of stained glass windows were built shortly after the turn of the century. So it is about this time that stained glass, barring any problems due to accidental breakage or shoddy craftsmanship, will begin to need repair or restoration. If you own an older home in Kansas City area and you have stained glass windows, it may be time to consider having your antique stained glass restored by a professional or at least inspected and cleaned. At the very least, perhaps it is time to take a closer look at it and see if the telltale signs of needing restoration are present. Below are some signs to look for on the stained glass windows in your Kansas City home to tell if it may be in need or repair or just a thorough cleaning.

Look For Deterioration On Your Stained Glass

Many people don’t realize that stained glass is a very durable material and relatively immune to natural deterioration from aging. American glass is extremely stable because of the composition of the glass when it was created last century. However, this does not mean the glass can never be damaged and time will always tarnish it. Some very apparent signs the stained glass in your home needs repair are things like scratches, chips, and abrasions–which also take down its clarity. Chemical agents and smog also build up on your glass–making it look old and dingy, so if your glass looks cloudy, this is probably why. Other signs of more deterioration tiny cracks or chips. Of course, broken panels are a sure-fire sign your glass needs professional help and should be dealt with promptly because they can lead to much worse problems or failure of the glass. If your stained glass has broken glass or missing panels, it is absolutely time to have it restored, because more damage is imminent.

Look For Structural Deterioration Of Your Stained Glass

The most serious way leaded stained glass breaks down is through the skeletal structure that holds the glass in place. This is when the frame itself or the leaded caming holding the pieces of glass together is rotting, deteriorating or sagging. This means frames are approaching total failure and they look bent or saggy. You need to fix it right away lest it totally collapses. When caming starts to fail, you will see missing, bent or broken pieces and more than likely cracking on the glass near or connected to the frame. This type of damage absolutely should be addressed because the stained glass, in this condition, could easily fall out from just a strong wind or vibration.

Look For Signs Your Stained Glass Is Dirt Or Needs Cleaning

Even though stained glass typically needs to be repaired or restored around 100 years of age, sometimes very old stained glass, is perfectly fine In fact, it may just need a deep and thorough cleaning by a professional. Happily, this is a relatively inexpensive procedure and which will bring it right back to its original shine. The reason stained glass gets so dirty is environmental; soot and grime build up on both sides of the glass from things like pollution, smoke, and oxidation. The reason it is critical to have a professional stained glass company clean your glass is because aggressive cleaning or cleaning with the wrong chemicals will cause damage and it could even permanently affect your glass’s transparency or shine. Regular cleaning is also necessary to avoid build-up of chemicals or air pollutants which could lead to long-term damage as well.

See more about stained glass repair and cleaning in the video below:

Contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass to have your stained glass inspected by a true professional today!


Beautiful Ways to Decorate with Stained Glass in Your Kansas City Kitchen

Looking for ways to spruce up your kitchen? Stained glass can make your Kansas City home and kitchen shine! Incorporating stained glass into your kitchen decor is a great way to give your home a high end look. Just like a precious stone, stained glass looks classy and sophisticated. It’s a great way to give your kitchen a touch of glamour and stylistic intrigue.

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How to Incorporate Stained Glass into Kansas City’s Modern Architecture

Kansas City is renowned for its beautiful, traditional stained glass features throughout the historic buildings and homes. Stained glass can often times be associated with antiques, displaying religious and heritage symbolism. Older pieces of stained glass can definitely be associated with all the different art movements, featuring different time periods in art. Modern stained glass is still up and coming, usually underestimated for its versatility and flexible medium. Kansas City architects and stained glass artisans are starting to incorporate modern stained glass into their commercial buildings and homes.
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Our 5 Favorite Places to Install Stained Glass in Your Kansas City Home That You Wouldn’t Expect

Kansas City residents agree that the local art scene is thriving and vast. Locals definitely have an appreciation for aesthetics and are always looking for a way to make their Kansas City homes stand out. Have you been considering stained glass but aren’t exactly sure where the perfect placement would be in your home? Here’s our top five favorite places to install stained glass in any Kansas City home; we hope to inspire you on your next renovation!
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Leaded & Beveled Glass Windows for Privacy & Elegance in Your Kansas City Bathroom

Kansas City Homeowners, are you looking for a privacy solution to your bathroom that doesn’t include blinds? Tired of that moisture ruining the curtains or drapes in your Kansas City bathroom? Are you looking for an element of added elegance as well? Leaded and beveled glass windows are the solution for your Kansas City bathroom!

Why Leaded & Beveled Glass Windows for Your Kansas City Bathroom?

Leaded glass, often refers to clear, textured stained glass, offers the best privacy solution for your Kansas City bathroom. Leaded glass blocks out all unwanted views, giving you and your family comfort in your own bathroom. Another wonderful advantage of leaded glass is that it allows all that beautiful Kansas sunlight into your bathroom! No need for tacky blinds or mildew covered curtains, leaded stained glass gives you both privacy and that touch of elegance.

Beveled glass, a clear glass that is ground and polished around the edges, gives a prismatic effect as well as a rainbow effect whenever sun shines through the glass. Beveled glass is frequently used in combination with leaded glass to create a beautiful, timeless look, perfect for really making your bathroom into an oasis. Beveled glass also blocks unwanted views, making it the perfect privacy stained glass combination!

Leaded & Beveled Glass Elevates Your Kansas City Bathroom

Kansas City homeowners agree that elegance is key for any bathroom decor and design. Leaded and beveled glass are the perfect addition to your Kansas City bathroom, there’s no other window options that possess sheer beauty and elegance like this one. Stained glass windows gives every Kansas City homeowner the opportunity to create a custom piece of art and the ability to really curate the theme of their home.

Call today to schedule an in-home consultation on how leaded and beveled glass can bring both privacy and elegance to your Kansas City bathroom: (816) 399-3830

How a Stained Glass Fireplace Screen Can Enhance the Living Room of Your Kansas City Home

With temperatures headed into the low 40’s and 30’s this week, the weather outside is becoming quite brisk in Kansas City. It won’t be long now until the winter arrives and soon after that, the holiday season will be here as well! Now’s the perfect time to get your home ready for winter and create the perfect place for entertaining your friends and family. And what better way to do it than with a stained glass fireplace screen for the living room or dining area of your Kansas City home! Stained glass fireplace screens are both an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution and are a sure way to charm your guests and visitors.
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Aspen Leaf Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Home!

Our Signature Aspen Leaf Stained Glass Pattern For Your Kansas City Home

Fall is in full effect here in Kansas City and all across the Midwest for that matter. The days are getting shorter and the Autumn chill is in the air! Nearly everywhere you go you catch the smell of pumpkin spice coffee, cookies and more. A scent that intoxicates you with nostalgia; a scent as welcome as Fall itself. Best of all the leaves of the trees that line the streets of Kansas City are burning bright with color: red Maples, Orange oaks and, of course, and even some brilliant yellow Aspens. Here is Kansas it seems our Aspen Leaf stained glass pattern is a customer favorite. It is a wonderful addition to every home we put it on and can be a wonderful addition to yours as well and below are a few reasons why.

Aspen Leaf Stained Glass Pattern For Your Kansas Home

In our many years of stained glass service to Kansas communities, one pattern that is wonderfully Kansas and has stood the test of time is our signature Aspen Leaf pattern and below are reasons it will fit well in your Kansas City home.

Matches Any Decor: Although color can be added to this pattern, it typically uses clear and textured glass to create a beautiful masterpiece of dancing light. Because it is a stained glass window made with clear and textured glass it literally goes with any decor since there are no potentially clashing colors.
Blends Well Your Kansas Surroundings: Kansas has a rich natural and wooded environment meaning Aspen leaf stained glass will blend seamlessly with the beauty that is already around us.
Timeless Style: A stunning minimal and elegant such as our signature Aspen leaf pattern will always look good no matter what the style of the day!

If you love our signature Aspen stained glass pattern and want to make it a lovely addition to your Kansas City home, contact Kansas City Stained Glass today for a free consultation and a speed estimate!