How to Preserve & Protect Your Kansas City Church’s Stained Glass Windows

How to Preserve & Protect Your Kansas City Church’s Stained Glass Windows

While antique stained glass is not necessarily fragile, it does need to properly cared for so that it doesn’t deteriorate and break. Fortunately, stained glass windows require very little maintenance and cleaning. Rather, caring for stained glass is all about monitoring its condition and being aware of possible factors that could cause it to degrade. If your Kansas City church has stained glass windows, it’s important to take measures to protect you stained glass in order to preserve it for the lifetime of your church.

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Stained Glass Restoration Profiles:  Bethel A.M.E.

What Church Stained Glass Restoration Does For A Community

While it is true that often times Church stained glass restoration can be an expensive undergoing, it is also so very important to note that it is critical to the history of American churches of any denomination and more importantly is a key way to breathe new life into congregations. Beyond that, it is simply a joy to parishioners.  So, for churches here in Kansas City but also anywhere in the US, stained glass restoration should be a very real consideration for any sized stained glass window in styles from simple to intricate.

A Stained Glass Restoration Rich In History And Love

A  perfect example of how wonderful stained glass restoration is for churches and their members is clearly illustrated by the sanctuary restoration of Bethel A.M.E. Church, located in Huntington in NY.  This stunning historic church has the distinction of being Huntington, NY’s oldest African American church and that distinction carries with it deep historical and sentimental significance– both for the area and for the African American community.   The project ended up costing right around $50,000 and took about two years. However, as the parishioners found out, it carried such deep meaning and they truly felt like they had contributed to preserving more than just their windows but their culture too.  In the end, they got the windows they loved back to being beautiful while at the same time homage to those bygone parishioners that put so much into founding church and the original stained glass windows.

The Deterioration Of The Stained Glass Windows And What To Do

As you can see from the pictures,  the stained glass windows in the sanctuary at  Bethel A.M.E. were simple but incredibly lovely!   They also were true to the style of the era in which they were installed back–1924.  Over the years the condition of these once lovely stained glass windows had simply deteriorated so, in 2016, Rev Larry D Jennings made a decision to rescue  them from their broken down condition, not only because the window really needed it but because he and his church body saw the historical, culture and artistic value of them.   I was also, as they saw things, a good way to respect the church members of the past who likely sacrifice for them to be installed.

How To Pay For The Church Stained Glass Restoration

Stained glass restoration can be an expensive endeavor and as such, finding funds can be a challenge.  But as Bethel A.M.E discovered–not impossible and well worth it. In their case, a town historian, Robert Hughes found grants from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation for $20,000, them the Sacred Sites program of the New York Landmarks Conservancy for $10,000; and finally The Gerry Charitable Trust for $5,000.  The remaining costs were covered by the eager congregation donating money themselves and the breathtaking results could not be more inspiring.

Stained Glass Restoration Guide And Pricing

If you have a church here in Kansas City with old stained glass windows you and your church members just love, maybe it is time to consider having them restored as a way to breath new life into them and your congregation.  Here at Kansas City Stained Glass, we will guide you through the process, costs and even fundraising for stained glass restoration too. Contact us today for more information and for a free consultation/stained glass inspection.



How Kansas City Churches Can Benefit from Custom Stained Glass

Stained glass has always played such a large, significant role in churches throughout history. In the past, stained glass was utilized as a tool for teaching the illiterate about the Bible and Christianity. Some of the world’s most incredible stained glass features are housed within churches. Custom stained glass offers Kansas City churches the opportunity to really inspire while drawing in new, potential members for your flock. Custom stained glass has many benefits that any church can take advantage of.

Custom Stained Glass Advantages for Kansas City Churches

Custom stained glass can give your church personality and individualism. With so many churches throughout the Kansas City area, setting yours apart can draw in more congregation members as well as visitors from out-of-state. Custom stained glass can portray inspiring quotes to pertinent figures as well as biblical symbolism. Churches can showcase special imagery that enriches their flock while providing endless inspiration during each service. There are so many different techniques when it comes to assembling stained glass, providing open creativity for each property. From geometric shapes to hand-painted glass, virtually anything can be achieved. Stained glass also provides lowered lighting costs and improved privacy, all leading to a better worship experience.

Custom Stained Glass Design Process for Your Kansas City Church

Kansas City Stained Glass specializes in custom religious stained glass. Our goal is to always provide inspirational designs that outlive us and can be treasured from generation to generation. Work with our stained glass artisans to create your unique custom stained glass design. We have some of the world’s most talented artists and can help you achieve incredible pieces of art. Working designs are always made with all of your input until you decide to finalize a design.

For more information regarding custom stained glass for your Kansas City church, please contact us!


Stained Glass Restoration As It Relates To Your Churches Stained Glass

Why Most KC Churches Need Stained Glass Repairs

The country’s stained glass is in desperate need of repair because it is reaching the 100 marks–making stained glass window restoration a popular and necessary task for churches in the Kansas City area to undertake. In order to preserve these stunning pieces of history for the next generation–it simply must be done and all of Kansas will benefit from it because these vintage windows are rich parts of our state’s history.

How Do I Know What Restoration My Churches Stained Glass Needs?

The best way to understand what kind of repairs and restoration your church’s stained glass needs is to call a professional, like us at Kansas City Stained Glass, for an inspection of your chapel ’s windows. After our inspections, we will be able to let you know:


  1. Which parts of the frames need replacing
  2. Which glass pieces of glass need to repairs
  3. Which glass pieces need to be replaced
  4. Details about your protective glazing system (if applicable)
  5. A specific time frame for repairs
  6. Pricing on your church’s stained glass restoration


The Evaluation And Bid

After we inspect your church’s glass we will use that information to formulate a bid including details about the time and cost for items like replacement glass, fixing braces, cleaning the stained glass where it is and/or removing glass for repair at our Kansas City studio. This is wonderful for church bodies because it gives you a good idea about the size, scope, and timeline of your project and assists you with any committee process or decision you may have to make as a group.

What Happens At Our Stained Glass Studio

Should we need to remove your stained glass and take it to our Kansas City studio, we will first, delicately remove the windows from their framing, then package them carefully for transport to our studio for restoration. In our professional stained glass studio we disassembled the windows, remove and recycle caming and skillfully clean and repair every piece of glass. Once back together, the glass is returned to your church and installed back into position–likely looking even better than it did 100 years ago!

If restoring your church’s stained glass is something you are interested in, please reach out to us at Kansas City Stained Glass today! We have stained glass locations across the US and would be happy to bid on your upcoming project.

Where to Find Beautiful Church Stained Glass Windows in Kansas

Stained glass is something which is bound to capture the interest and attention of whoever lays eyes on it. Even though the tradition of placing stained glass in churches was adopted a very long time ago, it is still continued today.

Even in the United States, there are countless stunning examples in church stained glass windows. However, stained glass connoisseurs need not voyage far to see these beauty of stained glass. There are many beautiful churches right here in our beloved state of Kansas that have stunning stained glass widows. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorites.

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Keep the Character of Your Kansas City Victorian Home Intact By Restoring Stained Glass

Being one of the very lucky residents that own a beautiful, traditional Victorian home definitely has its own set of benefits. Victorian homes are filled with character and can be highly desirable among potential buyers and lovers of history and art. Many historical Victorian homes located throughout Kansas City feature original stained glass windows that further promote the authenticity and character of the home. These antique stained glass windows require restoration once they reach the 75-year to 100-year age range.

Benefits of Restoring the Antique Stained Glass in Your Kansas City Victorian Home

There are numerous benefits when it comes to restoring the original stained glass within your Victorian home. These original stained glass features often have high antique value, making preservation financially beneficial for your property. Proper restoration can maintain antique value while also returning the stained glass back to its original condition. Stained glass restoration can actually extend the lifespan of your original windows for another 100 years. This allows you to keep the character in your Kansas City Victorian home intact while allowing future generations or future buyers the opportunity to treasure these stained glass windows as well. Antique stained glass restoration can be an extensive process but is well worth maintaining curb appeal, property value, and historical appeal.

Restoration Process for Original Stained Glass in Kansas City Victorian Homes

Kansas City Stained Glass offers a renowned stained glass restoration process that’s backed by decades of experience. Our comprehensive restoration process begins by carefully transporting your stained glass features back to our repair studio. From there, our stained glass artisans soak the glass for up to two weeks to remove dirt buildup and carefully restore all damaged pieces while creating new lead came for optimal stability/

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Kansas City victorian home, please contact us!

Why Stained Glass Lovers Should Visit Sainte Chapelle

Stained Glass Around The World

Whether you live in Brookside, the Bottoms, or the Art District, you love two things; beautiful art and a sense of history. Kansas City has a persistent and growing appreciation for both. If your future plans involve an old world trip to Paris. Do not miss a trip to Sainte Chapelle, located in the center of the Île de la Cité in Paris. It may seem a sidestep just several minutes walk from Notre Dame. However, the unparalleled examples of the church stained glass housed in its upper chapel will mesmerize with the marriage of High-Gothic architecture and the scintillating beauty of light-play. Tucked into the grounds of the Palais de Justice, and a short distance from the famed French flower markets, Sainte Chapelle houses the unique and awesome beauty of 13th-century stained glass commissioned by Louis IX. The religious traveler will no doubt be richly rewarded with a visit to one of the locations that solidified France as a hub for Christian pilgrimage. A French holiday for those piqued by history or art appreciation would not be complete without the gemstone light-filled chapel in Sainte Chapelle either.

Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Home

A perfect way to memorialize your trip of a lifetime would be to bring the unique beauty of Paris back to Kansas City. Building upon hundreds of years of technique, and perfecting their proficiency with more than 20 years of experience in religious, commercial and home stained glass design Kansas City Stained Glass are masters of design, installation and restoration. The dappled prairie light streaming through a unique piece of stained glass can set your home apart. Kansas City Stained Glass Owner Martin Faith has appeared on various TV programs on HGTV, DIY Network, NBC, and CBS. With the convenience of their Mission, KS location which services the Metro Area and beyond, bring beautiful old-world art into your distinctive home. For a personalized collaboration to bring the beauty of Sainte Chapelle, or a more contemporary or prairie-style glass piece to your uniquely beautiful home. Contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass today!

How to Bring New Life and Beauty to Your Saint Charles Church with Stained Glass Restoration

Near, far, and around the world, our most cherished houses of worship house stunning stained glass art that inspires their congregations to greater spirituality and appreciation of the divine. To revitalize and preserve your local St. Charles church’s stained glass for future generations, restoration is a key part of the maintenance process.

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From Switzerland to Paris: Stained Glass Masterpieces Around the World

Due to our passion for stained glass, we’re always looking for stained glass masterpieces from around the world to draw inspiration from or just to simply admire. The world is filled with exceptional stained glass collections that are typically featured throughout various houses of worship. For those stained glass enthusiasts and art lovers, here are some of the more noteworthy stained glass windows we love.
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When It Is Time To Restore The Stained Glass Windows In Your Historic Florissant Church

Stained Glass Repairs and Restoration In Florissant, Missouri

Most church stained glass windows these days are actually historic relics. Therefore the value of these windows is not just measured in monetary value but the sentimental value and historical value as well. For this reason, even if your church windows are not worth a considerable amount of money, they likely have a large antique historical value and probably an esteemed place in the hearts of your parishioners as well. This is why maintaining and restoring your Florissant church’s stained glass windows when necessary is a good idea for you and any church wishing to preserve a piece of history. As it were, the glass of your church’s stained glass windows is considerably durable and what we see failing the most in vintage stained glass windows is actually the supporting frame and caming structures. Read below to find out a little bit on the maintenance needed on structural supports

Maintenance Of Stained Glass Frames On Your Florissant Church

The maintenance of leaded glass is very necessary to prevent more serious problems like total failure and loss of the windows. The frame is the most essential part of any stained glass window to keep maintained regardless of the material. Sometimes this is simply doing a regular painting and caulking, and an occasional replacement of the glazing compound. Wood frames and masonry frames must be kept painted and caulked to prevent moisture from corroding the steel armature and anchors that may be within.

When It Is Time To Get Professional Maintenance On Your Florissant Church Stained Glass Frames

If your Florrisant stained glass windows leak water, are draughty, or rattle this may indicate that the waterproofing cement (“waterproofing”) and sealants have deteriorated and professional maintenance or restoration is needed. This involves glazing and sealants (e.g., putties, caulks) used to seal the leaded panel and any open joints around the window frame. However, since leaded glass cannot be adequately waterproofed in place, you will need to call in a professional, like Kansas City Stained glass to remove the affected windows and perform maintenance on the surrounding windows to secure and reinforce. Catching this sort of maintenance early is much less expensive than waiting for the leading to deteriorate and then need to relead the entire window. So, if there is any question in your mind, it is best to have a stained glass window inspection on your Florrisant church and act quickly and fully on the needed repairs.

At Kansas City Stained Glass, we are the experts in stained glass window repairs and restorations; not just here in the Kansas and Missouri area but across the United States. For more information or to get pricing on much-needed repairs to your antique church glass, contact us today!