Why Installing Stained Glass in Kansas City Custom Homes Is A Very Good Idea

Why Installing Stained Glass in Kansas City Custom Homes Is A Very Good Idea

When buying a custom home or renovating an old one, the best part is that it is all yours to do with what you wish. This means you can make your home interiors and exteriors exactly what you have always imagined them to be. There are many different additions to choose from to customize your home to your needs and wants. One such addition for your KC custom home or remodel is–stained glass. Stained glass is a wonderful home feature that allows for amazing form and function. While beauty is the most sought after function of stained glass, there are several other benefits of stained glass in Kansas City custom homes too.

Benefits of Stained Glass For Kansas City Custom Homes

Stained Glass For More Privacy

We have found one of the biggest reasons people want stained glass in custom homes or remodels is to get more privacy. As this city grows, neighbors seem to be closer on all sides. This makes for a very real need for modern privacy solutions. Stained glass is just the solution Kansas City folks need. By installing custom stained glass in windows critical to privacy like bathroom, entryway, and bedroom windows, you get the level of privacy you want without sacrificing a bit of style!

Stained Glass For Increased Resale Value

When it comes to long-term effects of add-ons in custom homes, nothing makes more of an impact than custom stained glass. While it may cost you a little more upfront, stained glass will pay off big time when you go to sell. In fact, stained glass usually appraises for 10x the initial cost or more. Additionally, when you are showing your Kansas City home, stained glass windows will help it sell faster –since they make for excellent curb appeal.

Stained Glass For One-of-a-Kind Aesthetics

If you are buying a custom home here in Kansas City or remodeling an older one to be just what you want, you likely value uniqueness. Nothing works as well for facilitating unique charm than stained glass. It is a way to express your artistic vision and install something that will stand out more than any other decorative element. Regardless of whether you are looking for something from a certain era like a Mid-century modern stained glass entryway window or something 100% unique like a modern stained glass room divider–stained glass is the way to get a custom home accent completely tailored to your needs and wants.

For more information on stained glass for your custom-built or renovated Kansas City home, contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass today!

How to Get Started with Historical Restoration of Stained Glass for Restaurants in Kansas City

Kansas City is a town filled with tons of charming historic buildings, from old libraries to even older churches. Many restaurants and cafes have taken up shop in some of these historic properties and are now charged with the task of preserving them. Stained glass windows are a common feature of historic buildings, though they must be properly looked after and cared for in order to ensure their preservation. Stained glass restoration enables Kansas City restaurants with the ability to preserve and keep alive one of the most elegant features in their historic building, thus preserving its character.

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How to Get Started with Historical Restoration of Stained Glass for Hotels

A lot of hotels utilize stained glass for its visual interest, creating gorgeous features that attract new guests while assisting in retaining more. Some of the hotels here in Kansas City have stunning historical stained glass features that play such a crucial role in visual marketing. When you start to notice deterioration or damage to your stained glass, it is important to start the restoration process before it’s too late. Finding the right stained glass studio can make all the difference.

Choosing the Right Stained Glass Studio for Your Hotel Restoration Project

Restoration does take a certain amount of skill and experience in order to properly execute. When you notice signs of deterioration, the more proactive you are, the more money and resources you can save. Taking the time to conduct research on prospective stained glass studios can help you find the right contractor for the job. We always recommend asking for client referrals for projects of similar size. Also, it is important to note that no project estimates should be given over the phone– restoration quotes require an in-person evaluation. If any stained glass studio gives you estimates over the phone without taking a look at your project, we recommend going with a different studio. The right contractor will be able to provide references, a portfolio, and an in-person assessment.

Work with Kansas City’s Leading Hotel Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Kansas City Stained Glass is honored to be the leading hotel stained glass restoration studio serving the Missouri area. We understand the ins and outs of any hotel project, and can provide numerous solutions for addressing these concerns. Our team of stained glass artisans is some of the best in the nation, providing incredible artistic skill.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your hotel, please contact us!

Modern Stained Glass Design for Kansas City Homes

When you think about stained glass it is something you like see towering chapel windows or a brightly clad entryway depicting saints. However, stained glass is so much more! Especially modern stained glass. For you homes here in KC and across the country there is a home design trend hitting the country- bold, contemporary stained glass. It is all the rage and it makes perfect sense given the timeless geometric patterns–common to stained glass. Modern stained glass designs can be as intricate or minimal–whatever you choose. Incorporating a ton of color or very little–it’s all up to you. It truly is ubiquitous meaning the possibilities for stained glass are endless for homes today. Check out some of the best Pinterest images we found for inspiration.

Kitchen Cabinet Stained Glass

Kitchens are where families and guests spend a lot of time. So, when it comes to designing a modern, inviting kitchen–stained glass is the way to go! Just look at how simple, but stylish, the stained glass kitchen cupboard is below. The clear glass gives it a minimal feel and lets you see inside. But the elegant sweeping accent blocks the clutter and gives it a bit of color and character. This type of look–will never go out of style.

Modern Stained Glass Dividers

For a way to block off a part of your home in style or to create a high-fashion enclosed area –stained glass is the key. Just like the lovely room divider below– a brilliant piece of abstract art. From geometric to abstract and minimalist to full of life–a stained glass room divider modern takes your home goes from ordinary to intriguing. Plus, the stained glass can be fully or semi-private. So you can create a space for a home office area or reading nook that isn’t completely closed off from the rest of your home.

Modern Stained Glass Bathroom Windows

Traditional stained glass has always been a fantastic privacy solution for stained glass. And modern stained glass is too. Whether bright and bold or colorless–stained glass in bathrooms always fits the bill These windows are simply stunning, ubiquitous to home designs of all types and are the perfect solution to modernize your Kansas City home!

For more information on modern stained glass for your Kansas City home, reach out to us at Kansas City Stained Glass today!

Modern Ideas for Using Stained Glass in Kansas City Bathrooms

When you imagine your dream home, what do you picture? It’s probably not a small, dark space with zero natural light. But striking the right balance between light and privacy is easier said than done. Curtains and blinds on every window can leave you feeling like you live in the bat cave.

The solution? Bathroom stained glass! Kansas City homeowners can use bathroom stained glass to tastefully create privacy without blocking light. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for using leaded glass windows in modern and interesting ways.

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Add Privacy and Beauty to Your Kansas City Home’s Entry with Stained Glass

One of the best feelings for any new homeowner is entering their home and enjoying that sense of fulfillment for owning that property. Homeowners in the Kansas City area can further enhance their home’s entryways in numerous ways. There are so many different projects and renovations that can create that dream entryway you’ve been looking for. Privacy stained glass is a great way to bring privacy and beauty to your home’s entry.

The Advantages of Privacy Stained Glass for Your Kansas City Entryway

Privacy stained glass offers so many benefits that any homeowner can appreciate. There are countless leaded and traditional stained glass options that can achieve the level of privacy that you’re looking for. The best thing about privacy stained glass is that it keeps your entryway bright and welcoming without compromising natural sunlight while effectively obstructing unwanted views. Nosy onlookers from the street and neighbors won’t be able to see into your entryway with privacy stained glass installed. Additionally, your curb appeal is completely transformed. Entryway stained glass delivers heightened property value in addition to a lasting impression for those that drive by or visitors that come through to visit. Privacy stained glass is highly functional and beautiful, providing a way to address privacy without the need for tacky window treatments.

Work with Kansas City’s Trusted Privacy Stained Glass Studi

Kansas City Stained Glass is honored to be the trusted privacy stained glass studio serving the Missouri area. We understand the importance of privacy for any home and would love the opportunity to help you achieve true privacy for better comfort and safety. Work with our stained glass artisan to hand sketch all of your ideas and create the perfect option for your home.

For more information regarding privacy stained glass for your Kansas City home, please contact us!

What’s the Best Method for Cleaning Stained Glass?

Everything looks better when it’s clean, including stained glass windows. Over time, dust, skin cells, pollen, and outside debris start to build up on stained glass. This may cause the windows to look cloudy or reduce the vibrancy of the colors. In churches, where candles are often placed on window sills and burned, soot may also coat the surface of the windows and mask the bright, luminescent glass.

If your stained glass windows look like they could use some love, then it may be time to clean them. But be careful what cleaners and tools you use. Not all cleaning agents all well suited for stained glass. Here are some tried and true methods for cleaning leaded glass windows correctly.

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How Much Is My Stained Glass Window Worth?

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re thinking about repairing, restoring, or replacing your stained glass. The main thing people want to know is how much is their stained glass worth? Understanding that pre-restoration value and post-restoration value are on two ends of the spectrum is important. There are actually different things that go into stained glass appraisal.

What Determines the Value of Your Stained Glass Window

Condition is a huge factor when it comes to value. Unrestored windows are typically in poor condition requiring a lot of time and effort to bring them to their full potential. An unrestored stained glass window can actually be valued for a fraction of the price of what it would be if kept in good condition. Minor repairs for mild damage can also bring your stained glass back to its full value. There are some cases where replacement may be more cost-effective than restoration, but the value of your stained glass can help determine this. In addition to condition, the size, style, and material are all very important factors as well. Vintage or antique stained glass can be appraised anywhere from $2000 to $100,000. For more prestigious stained glass, like Tiffany, these windows can be values from $25,000 to $150,000.

Work with Kansas City’s Preferred Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Kansas City Stained Glass is proud to be the preferred stained glass restoration experts serving the Kansas City area. We’re happy to provide accurate appraisals of your stained glass via on-site assessment or through the phone with proper documentation. Our team is here to help with all of your repair, restoration, and replacement needs. We always provide cost-benefit analysis reports so that you can make the most informed decision regarding your stained glass.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration or appraisals, please contact us!

How Much Is My Stained Glass Worth?

Stained glass is something that we find people truly value in their homes and churches. They love it because it adds to their daily life: the afternoon glow as the light as it passes through or the memories made beneath it. Regardless of how much sentimental value stained glass holds for the home or church, it graces– real value is much different. Like any piece of art, the value of home and church stained glass based not on ones’ appreciation of it but rather on several real-life factors. We have listed some key determiners of stained glass windows for both homes and churches below.

The Design Of Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

The design of any stained glass window plays a major part in its value. For example, whether the colored glass was cut from a single sheet of colored glass, making it fairly homogenous or if it was hand-painted with shading, giving it a feeling of depth. The type of lines used also affect value. Intricate lines and curves are typically more appealing and therefore worth more than straight lines. The more detail an artist put into a piece the more it’s worth and the better it will hold its value.

The Age Of Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

At 100 years things are generally considered an antique and stained glass is no different. We are starting to see a lot of antique stained glass in our studio because so much glass was created in the US at the turn of the last century. Once a window is antique it tends to have more value although how much more depends on a handful of other factors like artist and condition. But in regards to stained glass in your Kansas City home, stained glass usually appraises for about 10x the cost of your original window. Meaning– if you paid $300 for an artfully textured bathroom stained glass window–it could easily add up to $3,000 to your appraisal.

The Condition of Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

Very true of stained glass is that it is only as good as the condition it is in. So even if you have an older window, if it lacks luster and is missing pieces–it won’t appraise for nearly as much as stained glass windows in good condition. But a great thing about stained glass is that it is fairly renewable. Meaning it can be restored to look nearly new and it is well worth the time, energy and money of doing so.

Who Created Your Stained Glass Influences Its Value

Like most artwork–who made it greatly influences how much it is worth. Here in the US, there were quite a few remarkable glass studios in business right around the turn of the last century. Stained glass windows made by either a famous studio or artist can have considerable value. For instance, Tiffany stained glass windows can be worth $25,000 to $150,000.depending on their size and condition.

For more information on stained glass value and to schedule an appraisal contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass to schedule an appraisal!

How to Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration in Kansas City

Have you noticed that your stained glass is starting to look a little off? Is it beginning to yellow or distort into a warped shape? Is the glass damaged or the lead came starting to soften? These are all significant indicators that your stained glass is ready for restoration. In order to prevent replacement, restoration has to take place in a timely manner. To start the restoration process for your Kansas City stained glass, finding the right stained glass studio is pertinent.

How to Find the Right Stained Glass Studio in Kansas City for Your Restoration Project

When you start looking for the right stained glass studio to handle your restoration project, make sure to contact them and request the following items: experience and credentials, a portfolio with restoration projects of a similar size to yours, and references from past restoration projects. Stained glass restoration is a specialty skill and you want to make sure everything is handled properly in order to avoid more costs down the line. The next step is to have potential stained glass studios come for an on-site assessment. If any studio says they can provide an estimate without completing an in-person assessment, we recommend not using that studio. The right studio will be able to provide appraisal, cost-benefit analysis, project timeline, and estimate from the assessment.

Work with Kansas City’s Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Kansas City Stained Glass is honored to be the restoration experts serving the Kansas City area. We’ve worked on commercial, residential, and religious stained glass restoration projects from different time periods and backgrounds, offering unparalleled experience and knowledge. As the industry experts in stained glass restoration, we’re happy to provide a comprehensive assessment that details all the information you need.

For more information regarding the stained glass restoration process, please contact us!