Keep the Character of Your Kansas City Victorian Home Intact By Restoring Stained Glass

Keep the Character of Your Kansas City Victorian Home Intact By Restoring Stained Glass

Being one of the very lucky residents that own a beautiful, traditional Victorian home definitely has its own set of benefits. Victorian homes are filled with character and can be highly desirable among potential buyers and lovers of history and art. Many historical Victorian homes located throughout Kansas City feature original stained glass windows that further promote the authenticity and character of the home. These antique stained glass windows require restoration once they reach the 75-year to 100-year age range.

Benefits of Restoring the Antique Stained Glass in Your Kansas City Victorian Home

There are numerous benefits when it comes to restoring the original stained glass within your Victorian home. These original stained glass features often have high antique value, making preservation financially beneficial for your property. Proper restoration can maintain antique value while also returning the stained glass back to its original condition. Stained glass restoration can actually extend the lifespan of your original windows for another 100 years. This allows you to keep the character in your Kansas City Victorian home intact while allowing future generations or future buyers the opportunity to treasure these stained glass windows as well. Antique stained glass restoration can be an extensive process but is well worth maintaining curb appeal, property value, and historical appeal.

Restoration Process for Original Stained Glass in Kansas City Victorian Homes

Kansas City Stained Glass offers a renowned stained glass restoration process that’s backed by decades of experience. Our comprehensive restoration process begins by carefully transporting your stained glass features back to our repair studio. From there, our stained glass artisans soak the glass for up to two weeks to remove dirt buildup and carefully restore all damaged pieces while creating new lead came for optimal stability/

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Kansas City victorian home, please contact us!

Why Stained Glass Lovers Should Visit Sainte Chapelle

Stained Glass Around The World

Whether you live in Brookside, the Bottoms, or the Art District, you love two things; beautiful art and a sense of history. Kansas City has a persistent and growing appreciation for both. If your future plans involve an old world trip to Paris. Do not miss a trip to Sainte Chapelle, located in the center of the Île de la Cité in Paris. It may seem a sidestep just several minutes walk from Notre Dame. However, the unparalleled examples of the church stained glass housed in its upper chapel will mesmerize with the marriage of High-Gothic architecture and the scintillating beauty of light-play. Tucked into the grounds of the Palais de Justice, and a short distance from the famed French flower markets, Sainte Chapelle houses the unique and awesome beauty of 13th-century stained glass commissioned by Louis IX. The religious traveler will no doubt be richly rewarded with a visit to one of the locations that solidified France as a hub for Christian pilgrimage. A French holiday for those piqued by history or art appreciation would not be complete without the gemstone light-filled chapel in Sainte Chapelle either.

Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Home

A perfect way to memorialize your trip of a lifetime would be to bring the unique beauty of Paris back to Kansas City. Building upon hundreds of years of technique, and perfecting their proficiency with more than 20 years of experience in religious, commercial and home stained glass design Kansas City Stained Glass are masters of design, installation and restoration. The dappled prairie light streaming through a unique piece of stained glass can set your home apart. Kansas City Stained Glass Owner Martin Faith has appeared on various TV programs on HGTV, DIY Network, NBC, and CBS. With the convenience of their Mission, KS location which services the Metro Area and beyond, bring beautiful old-world art into your distinctive home. For a personalized collaboration to bring the beauty of Sainte Chapelle, or a more contemporary or prairie-style glass piece to your uniquely beautiful home. Contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass today!

How to Bring New Life and Beauty to Your Saint Charles Church with Stained Glass Restoration

Near, far, and around the world, our most cherished houses of worship house stunning stained glass art that inspires their congregations to greater spirituality and appreciation of the divine. To revitalize and preserve your local St. Charles church’s stained glass for future generations, restoration is a key part of the maintenance process.

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From Switzerland to Paris: Stained Glass Masterpieces Around the World

Due to our passion for stained glass, we’re always looking for stained glass masterpieces from around the world to draw inspiration from or just to simply admire. The world is filled with exceptional stained glass collections that are typically featured throughout various houses of worship. For those stained glass enthusiasts and art lovers, here are some of the more noteworthy stained glass windows we love.
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When It Is Time To Restore The Stained Glass Windows In Your Historic Florissant Church

Stained Glass Repairs and Restoration In Florissant, Missouri

Most church stained glass windows these days are actually historic relics. Therefore the value of these windows is not just measured in monetary value but the sentimental value and historical value as well. For this reason, even if your church windows are not worth a considerable amount of money, they likely have a large antique historical value and probably an esteemed place in the hearts of your parishioners as well. This is why maintaining and restoring your Florissant church’s stained glass windows when necessary is a good idea for you and any church wishing to preserve a piece of history. As it were, the glass of your church’s stained glass windows is considerably durable and what we see failing the most in vintage stained glass windows is actually the supporting frame and caming structures. Read below to find out a little bit on the maintenance needed on structural supports

Maintenance Of Stained Glass Frames On Your Florissant Church

The maintenance of leaded glass is very necessary to prevent more serious problems like total failure and loss of the windows. The frame is the most essential part of any stained glass window to keep maintained regardless of the material. Sometimes this is simply doing a regular painting and caulking, and an occasional replacement of the glazing compound. Wood frames and masonry frames must be kept painted and caulked to prevent moisture from corroding the steel armature and anchors that may be within.

When It Is Time To Get Professional Maintenance On Your Florissant Church Stained Glass Frames

If your Florrisant stained glass windows leak water, are draughty, or rattle this may indicate that the waterproofing cement (“waterproofing”) and sealants have deteriorated and professional maintenance or restoration is needed. This involves glazing and sealants (e.g., putties, caulks) used to seal the leaded panel and any open joints around the window frame. However, since leaded glass cannot be adequately waterproofed in place, you will need to call in a professional, like Kansas City Stained glass to remove the affected windows and perform maintenance on the surrounding windows to secure and reinforce. Catching this sort of maintenance early is much less expensive than waiting for the leading to deteriorate and then need to relead the entire window. So, if there is any question in your mind, it is best to have a stained glass window inspection on your Florrisant church and act quickly and fully on the needed repairs.

At Kansas City Stained Glass, we are the experts in stained glass window repairs and restorations; not just here in the Kansas and Missouri area but across the United States. For more information or to get pricing on much-needed repairs to your antique church glass, contact us today!

Unique Ways to Incorporate Stained Glass Into Your Kansas City Home Remodel

Remodeling a home is an exciting endeavor. Whether you’re updating the look of your existing home with new furniture and decor or are moving into an new home that’s in need of some TLC, it’s fun to embark on a remodeling project because you get to customize your home exactly the way you want it.

When choosing the renovations you want to make for your home, one area that you should definitely consider are the windows. Windows need some type of covering or treatment for privacy purposes. They’re also one of the areas of a home that people tend to neglect, which is a shame because there’s a lot of opportunity to add style and personality to your home by dressing up the windows.

When considering your windows, one change you should definitely make is incorporating stained glass. In Kansas City, stained glass is a classic choice, and one that’s highly popular too. Just take a look at the historic neighborhoods of Pendleton Heights and Westport and it’s easy to see why. Stained glass adds stunning beauty and color and dramatically boosts a homes curb appeal.

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Learn More About Affordable Stained Glass Window Inserts in Your Kansas City Home

Stained Glass Inserts For Kansas City Homes

Stained glass windows may seem like a luxury but they are actually more accessible to homeowners with a real-life budget than ever before. This is because today ’s stained glass windows come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and designs and price points–any of which can be made to match your budget. A popular trend driving the accessibility of these windows are stained glass panel inserts. Simple, stunning and made to order–these panels make an elegant home design in Kansas City to be well within your reach.

What Are Stained Glass Panel Inserts?

Stained glass panels are just like traditional stained glass complete with leading, colored or textured glass but they are custom made to fit your home window frame. Once a design is decided upon we make the stained glass panel in our stained glass studio to your exact specifications and deliver and install it on your Kansas City home. The panel is installed right over the existing glass but looks just like an original element of your home. They add beauty and style made all the more convenient by the quick, easy and mess-free application

How Are Stained Glass Panel Inserts Installed?

As mentioned, stained glass panels are manufactured ahead of time by our expert craftsmen but are simply “popped” in by our installation experts. The whole process is fast–done in as little as an hour if not minutes and clean. Essentially our your installer thoroughly washes and dries the pre-made stained glass insert, test fits it and then adheres it with a bonding tape. These stained glass window inserts will stay firmly in place for years and years to come but may be removed should you move.

Watch the video below for more information on stained glass panels

For more information on stained glass inserts for your Kansas City home, contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass today!

All You Need to Know About Our FLW Inspired Prairie Style Stained Glass in Kansas City

One of the styles of stained glass that we specialize in is prairie style stained glass. Inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, our prairie style stained glass adds beauty to any Kansas City home. Clean lines, simple geometric shapes, and warm earth tones make these stained glass windows elegant and beautiful, which is why they’re one of our most requested stained glass styles.

In Kansas City, prairie style stained glass can be seen all throughout the various neighborhoods of the city, in churches, homes, and even commercial buildings. In fact, there are seven original Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Kansas and Missouri, which is probably a good reason why the style has maintained popularity over the years.

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Kansas City Privacy Solutions: Unique Ways Stained Class Can Provide Privacy in Entryways, Bathrooms, and More

Kansas City residents may experience privacy issues at their place of residence. This often causes major discomfort, making finding an effective solution top priority. Many privacy solutions have serious downsides like blocking out natural light, looking tacky or outdated, creating an unwelcoming space, not complimenting the rest of your homes decor, and much more. Fortuitously, stained glass presents a permanent solution that boasts beauty and high performance.
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Mackintosh Style Stained Glass: Timeless And Perfect For Your Kansas City Home

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: His Work, His Legacy And His Inspiration

If you haven’t heard of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, you still would likely recognize his stylings. His influence is all around us in art and architecture today and characterized by his signature minimalistic style. He was a prolific designer, artist, architect and furniture builder who attended the Glasgow School and went on to become one of the most influential figures in stained glass art of his time to present day. His popular signature stained glass style includes the Mackintosh rose–easily one of his most popular motifs.

The Beauty Of Mackintosh Style Stained Glass

No one can pinpoint exactly where Mackintosh’s style came from but we do know that the 1890s were a time of great learning and artistic expansion for him. It is around then that he traveled to Italy and then went on to continue his design education. While his style is very different than Italian works of the time, his use and attention to color and romantic Italian themes, like floral patterns show the impact this trip had on his work. However, one would characterize his work as that of modern for his time and is still progressive for today’ world. He was an incredibly influential designer and some people call him the founder of the popular Art Nouveau movement.

The Timeless Mackintosh Rose In Stained Glass

The most commonly known and often used motifs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh are his signature roses. They are minimal but without sacrificing any beauty. Their wonderful natural curves and simplistic textures set them apart from other floral designs, along with is bold colors against clear glass. They are definitely one of the world’s most recognized stained glass motifs and the very picture of doing more with less.

For more information on Charles Rennie Mackintosh watch the video below:

Mackintosh Style Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Home

While no studio today can claim to live up to Mackintosh’s design style, we at Stained Glass Kansas City, offer marvelous stained glass windows in the style of Charles Mackintosh which mimic the beauty of his original designs. Our work will leave you with a sense of vintage nostalgia, and will truly bring his style of work to life in your home. Mackintosh’s designs are definitely as relevant today as they were at the turn of the 20th century and beyond and will look amazing on any home old or new.

Contact us today to learn more about Mackintosh style glass to beautify your Kansas City home.