A Piece of Kansas History in Stained Glass

A Piece of Kansas History in Stained Glass

Although many know Arthur Capper for his role as a United States Senator, the stained glass windows in the Kansas Museum of History remind us that he was actually a Kansas native. They tell a story much different than the Arthur Capper that most of America is familiar with, a story of a simple man with big dreams and honorable ideals who held an immense love for his home state.
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Lawrence, Kansas Privacy Stained Glass for Your Entryway & Bathroom

While large windows can be beneficial for letting in extra light, they can also create an issue of privacy. This is especially true for newer neighborhoods like those in Lawrence in which the homes are constructed closely together. But here at Kansas City Stained Glass, we have a solution. Lawrence, Kansas homeowners can install privacy stained glass in entryway or bathroom areas to reduce outside visibility and protect the privacy of their family and guests. In this post, we’ll dive into some of the benefits of privacy stained glass and also give you some ideas for designs to get you started with your renovations.
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Can I Clean The Stained Glass Windows On My KC Home Myself?

Can I Clean The Stained Glass On My Kansas City Home Myself

We get a lot of questions here at Kansas City Stained Glass both from people who have stained glass or want stained glass and we are always happy to answer them!  Probably the biggest question we get from people who have stained glass is on how to care for the glass they already have.  Keeping your glass free of dirt is a good way to keep it looking good for a long time and keep grime from building up on it.  You can do this simply by lightly running a dry soft cloth over it, every now and again.  However, to get off build up that may already be on your window there is a fairly simple process to follow that will have your windows looking bright again in no time, providing they are not too dirty (which may require a professional cleaning).  The steps below are a starting point for a home cleaning but we cannot stress enough–if there is too much buildup or any type of structural damage at all please leave it to a professional like us at Kansas City Stained Glass.

Steps To Cleaning Your Kansas City Home’s Stained Glass

  1. Start by running a soft dry cloth across the glass.  Stained glass is actually very durable but use care as older windows may have loose panels.  If you come across a broken, cracked or loose pane of glass be sure to call Kansas City Custom Stained Glass to repair the piece and finish the cleaning.
  2. Once the bulk of the dust and dirt has been removed with a dry cloth, switch to soap and water.  Make sure to use an ammonia-free, vinegar-free, non-abrasive, pH-neutral cleaner
  3. Start from the top of the window and work your way down, cleaning each pane within the leaded frames individually.  Feel free to scrub but do not press on the glass too hard, lest it cracks.
  4. After you finish each panel, go back with a cotton swab to clean the by the leaded perimeter using a circular “scoop and lift” method to get the grime by the lead.
  5. Dry the section you cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth and move on to the next section

*Don’t forget to put a towel down on the ledge of your window to keep the water from ruining your wood frame.

**Also Be aware that leaded glass windows contain lead, which can be dangerous to you and especially to children when it is ingested or becomes airborne.  As such we recommend wearing gloves and using proper disposal techniques for any cloth, swab, water or container used in the process.

Kansas City’s Stained Glass Expert

This simple process takes a little bit of time but with a little patience and good old fashioned elbow grease, your window will look fantastic when you are done.  As we mentioned the best way to keep your windows looking great is prevention–keep them clean and have Kansas City Stained Glass repair any damage as soon as it occurs.  Contact us with any question or to schedule a cleaning or repair today

Kansas And Missouri’s Church Restoration Stained Glass Experts

Restoring The Stained Glass On Your Kansas City Church

Your church is something you cherish.  It is something special to you and the other parishioners in your congregation.  Over the years you have seen so many joyous events beneath its lovely arches and magnificent stained glass windows–births, communions, and weddings.  It is no wonder then, that when looking for a contractor to restore or repair the stained glass that has served you and the church so well throughout the years, that you want to find a trusted expert for the job.  Kansas City Stained Glass is just the company to take care of the delicate relics you have grown to love for two very important reasons

Kansas City Stained Glass For Experience

Kansas City Stained Glass started out over 25 years ago with a simple mission to bring the same quality of stained glass to the United States, that we saw all across Europe.  Which is why we blend deep old world knowledge with modern techniques to give our customers the very finest in stained glass construction and restoration.  Additionally, we understand how to work with Church communities to get a consensus from everybody in an efficient and professional manner.

Kansas City Stained Glass For Craftsmanship

At Kansas City Stained Glass we believe that stained glass restoration is only as good as the hands doing the repair, which is why we hire only the highest skilled tradesmen to work on the historic stained and leaded glass of churches and cathedrals just like yours.  When it comes to restoration, it takes a gentle hand and nobody knows that better than our fine craftsmen.

Beyond the two very important aspects of experience and craftsmanship are the deep commitment Kansas City Stained Glass has to customer service.  We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence with every transaction and it is evident from your first call until the last installation expert leaves your church.  It is for these reason that Kansas City Stained Glass is Kansas and Missouri’s stained glass experts.  Contact us today to schedule a free, on-site estimate for your churches stained glass restoration.


Great Spots For Stained Glass In Your Kansas City Home

Stained Glass Kansas City

In our beautiful city of Kansas City, well-manicured lawns and magnificent houses dot the landscape. People here take pride in their abodes big and small and take great care to keep them looking good and well-detailed. This attention to detail and beauty is the reason why stained glass for Kansas City homeowners is a great choice and has the ability to fit perfectly into numerous areas of their homes.

Best Places For Stained Glass In Your Kansas City Home

Stained Glass For Kansas City homes is a great addition and a lasting heirloom for you and your family. While it will work well in any window on your home there are places, there are some areas stained glass is especially well suited to.

Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Entryway Windows: When looking for a stunning way to welcome guests to your home and building curb appeal, stained glass windows are a sure way!

Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Bathroom Windows:  Privacy is hard to come by in cities which is why stained glass is a highly functional and beautiful addition to your Kansas City bathroom.

Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Kitchen Windows: A great way to give your kitchen a pop of color or style is by adding custom stained glass to your cabinets.

Stained Glass Experts Kansas City

When it comes to stained glass in Kansas City, there is no better company in the area that Kansas City Stained Glass. We hire only the most skilled artisans to work on our stained glass windows so that we are able to guarantee beauty and durability to our clients. Our experience spans three decades and numerous desirable design styles. When looking for a stained glass window for your Kansas City home come to us first. We will give you a free estimate and always offer a quick turn around time. Contact us today to get going a stained glass window and the home of your dream.

Stained Glass Windows Are the New Trend in Kansas City Homes

Kansas City has long had a reputation of being a beautiful city. The streets of our town are lined with some of the most beautiful homes and architectural structures in the world. So it’s no surprise that a fast growing trend has arrived quickly to our region and is already being taken up by architects and interior designers in the area. More and more Kansas City homes are being built with stained glass windows. And at Kansas City Stained Glass, we couldn’t be more excited about this new trend.
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Give A Wedding Gift Of Heirloom Quality Stained Glass

Stained Glass For Spring Weddings In Kansas City

With spring here and summer just around the corner, you can feel the love in the air! Spring is a fantastic time: birds chirping and flowers blooming. It is a time for renewal and new beginnings and for people in Kansas with soon to be brides and grooms in the family–it is absolutely the time for weddings. We are very far into wedding season but if you are similar to us, you likely have a bunch of wedding invites stuck to your fridge and at least a couple of weekends reserved for the weddings of a few special couples this summer.

The Unique Wedding Gifts Of Stained Glass

Wedding gifts can be hard to find for any couple getting married, but let’s face it, It is that much harder trying to find a gift for people who are near and dear to you. You want something unique and meaningful to show how much you care. Of course, there registries and they can help guide you at least, but gifts from registries never seem special and are arguably predictable and borderline boring. If you are pursuing registries for that special couple’s gift and just aren’t finding that special something, it is time to consider something no one else will even think to give from us here at here at Kansas City Stained Glass. A meaningful present that will become an heirloom down the road is–a custom stained glass window or panel. This is an awesome gift idea for those you love the most and it will have the newlywed couple smiling and maybe even shedding tears of joy when they open it. It is such a wonderful way to mark the beginning of a couple’s life together and can take on special meaning when you customize to them.

Ways to customize stained glass as a wedding gift are:

Monograms: Have the first letter of the couple’s last name stylized in a field design of your choice.
Wedding Date: There is no better way to memorialize a wedding than to have the date included on a beautiful stained glass window or panel.
Wedding Colors: The colors a couple chose for their wedding are likely their favorite, so having a stained glass window or panel made with them is a sure bet.
Engagement Picture: Stained glass can be made to mimic a real life picture to memorialize the bride and groom in a stylish way.

Kansas City Stained Glass For Your Wedding Gifts

No matter how you choose to use stained glass to mark the special day the bride and groom will recognize and appreciate the loving thought that went into their gift. However, if you just don’t feel sure on choosing the size, color or style–don’t worry, we can help. Many people who come to us decide the best way to give the bride and groom exactly what they want is by giving them a gift certificate for custom stained glass This means they are able to pick out what they want to have made, to fit the area of their choosing, to memorialize their big day. If the price tag of a stained glass panel or window is a bit high for your budget a great idea is to consider giving the stained glass as a group gift–so many different friends or family members can participate in giving something special!

If you live in the Kansas City area and are looking for a unique, wedding gift to mark the wedding of someone you love, contact Kansas City Stained Glass today to discuss a custom stained glass wedding design today!

Stained Glass Of Yesterday Merges With Today

Stained Glass For A New Century

Generally speaking a lot of people associate stained glass with religious institutions. It is fairly natural to think that way since stained glass can be seen in so many religious settings such as cathedrals, churches, synagogues and even mosques. Another association most people make with stained glass is in home decor from the victorian or craftsman design time period. Actually, many people who own a home built in either of those time periods may have a stained glass window or tow on their home. This can be attributed to iconic designers like Frank Lloyd Wright and The Greene Brothers, who, during the first half of the 20th century, used and forever linked, stained glass in home decor. Since that advent, stained glass has begun to pervaded home style and rightfully so–its popularity has only risen and is just as in vogue today than ever before. At Kansas City Stained Glass, we are proud to continue the work of such design icons, day in and day out, and have a deep appreciation for the strong and lasting impact they had on American home style.

An Example Of A Frank Lloyd Wright Style Stained Glass

prairie stained glass transoms kansas cityStained Glass For Practical Applications

There is no debating that stained glass is a form of art. What you may not know is–it is known as “practical art”. It can be customized to suit nearly any design style or taste but is also the epitome of versatility in home decor. In fact, there really are no restrictions on which room stained glass can be used in.. Any room in a house: bathroom, kitchen, living room, the entryway will look fantastic with the addition of stained glass. Once may even want to consider creative applications like a fireplace screen, stylish cabinet doors or even on ceilings! The wide variety of uses of stained glass, both practical and artistic is key to homeowners looking for a creative home display and practical application benefits as well.

Some other, just as important, reasons why you might consider installing stained glass:

• Stained glass is a beautiful privacy option– especially useful for spaces like bathrooms or bedrooms.
• Stained glass can block an unattractive view like a vacant lot or a close neighbor
• Stained glass can express your personal tastes and act as a centerpiece for a design overhaul.

Whether you decide to employ stained glass for a practical or artistic application, the result will always be elegant and useful. Moreover, it is sure to delight you, your family and guests for years to come and will likely be the star of any room. In fact, we hear from happy customers all the time, saying they find reasons to fall in love with it all over again each and every day!

If you live in Kansas City, or the surrounding area, and are considering a stained glass window to brighten or update your decor, contact Kansas City Stained Glass, today and let’s get going an heirloom quality piece of glass for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come!

5 Beautiful Church Stained Glass Windows in Kansas City

Many people know Kansas City for its world class barbeque, Jazz, and World War I museums. But what many people don’t realize is that Kansas City is also home to some of the most beautiful religious artwork in the world. The church stained glass windows in Kansas City parishes, cathedrals, and mausoleums are truly a sight to behold.

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3 Surprising Benefits Of Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows Kansas City

There is simply no way to ignore the awe-inspiring beauty of a well-crafted stained glass window. Their bold lines and stunning colors immediately catch you and transport you into a world of beauty and elegance. The light produces dancing colors onto anything in its path when it reflects through a stained glass masterpieces, giving an almost an ethereal quality to any space. What’s more, they exude a certain luxurious refinement– rarely matched with almost any other type of glass work. While the exquisiteness of stained glass is unquestionable, some of the other benefits of stained glass may not be obvious to just any viewer. However, at Kansas City Stained Glass, we know from years of experience, there are many other key benefits stained glass brings to our customer’s homes and churches.

Benefits Of Stained Glass Windows

Versatility: Stained glass windows were once more-or-less, nonfunctional, picture windows. Today, they are very functional and gorgeous to boot. In fact, they can be found on many different windows from awning to casement.

Style: Stained glass windows are great at bringing much-needed personality to an otherwise “vanilla” room. Often times, our clients design their entire room around a stained glass window using the window’s design to tie everything together.

Customization: One of the largest advantages of stained glass windows over traditional windows is they are so easy to tailor fit to nearly any need. If you prefer more opacity, choose clear glass. If you are looking for a bold centerpiece, select from any of our hundreds of colors. If perhaps, you are looking for a more subtle design, consider clear custom bevels to make a smart, geometric statement. Whatever you fancy, stained glass always adds the perfect personal touch to your space.

Privacy: Since stained glass windows often are covered with decorations, bevels or textures, they make it more difficult for people outside the see clearly through. This means they offer more privacy than traditional windows–with the added benefits of beauty!

Kansas City’s Stained Glass Window Experts

Regardless of which of the many benefits you care to take advantage of by having a stained glass window installed, it is most important to first hire a seasoned professional. Kansas City Stained Glass has over 2 decades of experience designing, building and installing amazing stained glass windows for clients from homeowners to church parishioners. After your initial consultation and estimate, we will have our master glass craftsmen create a stunning, stained glass window to fit the exact specifications of your window frame. Also, when you hire a time-tested professional like us, you can expect your stained glass window to last 80-100 years before needing retouching or repair. To get started on owning a stained glass masterpiece all you own, contact Kansas City Stained Glass for a free, consultation and estimate today.