How a Stained Glass Fireplace Screen Can Enhance the Living Room of Your Kansas City Home

How a Stained Glass Fireplace Screen Can Enhance the Living Room of Your Kansas City Home

With temperatures headed into the low 40’s and 30’s this week, the weather outside is becoming quite brisk in Kansas City. It won’t be long now until the winter arrives and soon after that, the holiday season will be here as well! Now’s the perfect time to get your home ready for winter and create the perfect place for entertaining your friends and family. And what better way to do it than with a stained glass fireplace screen for the living room or dining area of your Kansas City home! Stained glass fireplace screens are both an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution and are a sure way to charm your guests and visitors.
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Aspen Leaf Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Home!

Our Signature Aspen Leaf Stained Glass Pattern For Your Kansas City Home

Fall is in full effect here in Kansas City and all across the Midwest for that matter. The days are getting shorter and the Autumn chill is in the air! Nearly everywhere you go you catch the smell of pumpkin spice coffee, cookies and more. A scent that intoxicates you with nostalgia; a scent as welcome as Fall itself. Best of all the leaves of the trees that line the streets of Kansas City are burning bright with color: red Maples, Orange oaks and, of course, and even some brilliant yellow Aspens. Here is Kansas it seems our Aspen Leaf stained glass pattern is a customer favorite. It is a wonderful addition to every home we put it on and can be a wonderful addition to yours as well and below are a few reasons why.

Aspen Leaf Stained Glass Pattern For Your Kansas Home

In our many years of stained glass service to Kansas communities, one pattern that is wonderfully Kansas and has stood the test of time is our signature Aspen Leaf pattern and below are reasons it will fit well in your Kansas City home.

Matches Any Decor: Although color can be added to this pattern, it typically uses clear and textured glass to create a beautiful masterpiece of dancing light. Because it is a stained glass window made with clear and textured glass it literally goes with any decor since there are no potentially clashing colors.
Blends Well Your Kansas Surroundings: Kansas has a rich natural and wooded environment meaning Aspen leaf stained glass will blend seamlessly with the beauty that is already around us.
Timeless Style: A stunning minimal and elegant such as our signature Aspen leaf pattern will always look good no matter what the style of the day!

If you love our signature Aspen stained glass pattern and want to make it a lovely addition to your Kansas City home, contact Kansas City Stained Glass today for a free consultation and a speed estimate!

Restore the vintage staircase landing/grand entry stained glass in your Kansas City home!

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a historic home in that has a grand entry, you may also have a vintage stained glass window in your foyer or above your staircase landing. While vintage stained glass can make a stunning addition to a grand entry, it does require regular care and cleaning. In that case, you may want to consider stained glass restoration. Restoration can help rejuvenate the shine and color of your entry stained glass and make your Kansas City home look more elegant and polished.
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Can I Clean My Kansas City Stained Glass Myself?

Does Your Stained Glass Need Cleaning?

The DIY revolution is here! It seems like almost anything can be done at home these days if you have some time, a budget and the trusty help of Google. Stained glass cleaning is no different. There are so many articles out there about how to clean your stained glass yourself, that it is almost hard to know which one to trust. And you should take it with a grain of salt. But whether or not you should clean your own stained glass really comes down to:
a. exactly what needs to be done and
b. whether or not doing it yourself is good for your health and the health of your stained glass.
To find out when to clean your stained glass yourself and when to hire a professional–keep reading.

When And How To Clean Stained Glass Yourself

Stained glass is a surprisingly durable material, however, you really need to be cautious when touching it or cleaning it. If you simply want to get rid of some dust on your stained glass, then, by all means, use a duster and lightly sweep away cobwebs and other dust. In the case that your stained glass needs a bit more cleaning, you can use a basic dish soap and water to get rid of light grim. Just make sure you are in a solid position, not on a ladder or window sill, so you don’t fall into the glass. Clean by gently rubbing each pane of glass from the inside out with an up and out motion. But BE CAREFUL and never scrub the glass. You likely want to go back through each piece with a wet soapless clothe to “rinse” any residue left on the glass from cleaning too.

When Not To Clean Your Stained Glass Yourself

Like we said above–stained glass can hold up pretty well but caution is important if you want your stained glass to have a long life. The best idea for stained glass cleaning is really, to call a professional like Kansas City Stained Glass. Below are solid reasons you absolutely need to call a professional.
-Your stained glass is more than 50 years old
-Your stained glass shows any signs of sagging, cracks, gaps or other disrepair
-Your stained glass does not come clean with soap and water. *Remember, the chemicals it takes to get rid of extremely tarnished stained glass can be very harmful to you or your family
-Your stained glass is up high or in a hard to reach area
-Your stained glass is visibly very tarnished–soap and water simply won’t work on layers of caked on grime

If you are ready to get your stained glass looking like new but don’t want to deal with the hassle and danger of cleaning it yourself, remember, there are experts to do it for you. Keep in mind also that a simple cleaning is much less expensive than an extensive repair should you damage your stained glass doing it yourself. Contact Stained Glass Kansas City today for a free stained glass cleaning estimate!

How to Use Stained Glass as Contemporary Decor in Your Kansas City Home

Do you love contemporary furniture and decor? If so, you should consider adding a contemporary styled stained glass window to your home! In Kansas City, where the arts are well alive and very much celebrated by the city’s many theaters, museums, and art galleries, contemporary stained glass is a perfect choice for adding artistic flare and color to architecture. Contemporary stained glass can add that bit of color and shine to make your home look modern, unique, and inviting.
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A Piece of Kansas History in Stained Glass

Although many know Arthur Capper for his role as a United States Senator, the stained glass windows in the Kansas Museum of History remind us that he was actually a Kansas native. They tell a story much different than the Arthur Capper that most of America is familiar with, a story of a simple man with big dreams and honorable ideals who held an immense love for his home state.
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Lawrence, Kansas Privacy Stained Glass for Your Entryway & Bathroom

While large windows can be beneficial for letting in extra light, they can also create an issue of privacy. This is especially true for newer neighborhoods like those in Lawrence in which the homes are constructed closely together. But here at Kansas City Stained Glass, we have a solution. Lawrence, Kansas homeowners can install privacy stained glass in entryway or bathroom areas to reduce outside visibility and protect the privacy of their family and guests. In this post, we’ll dive into some of the benefits of privacy stained glass and also give you some ideas for designs to get you started with your renovations.
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Can I Clean The Stained Glass Windows On My KC Home Myself?

Can I Clean The Stained Glass On My Kansas City Home Myself

We get a lot of questions here at Kansas City Stained Glass both from people who have stained glass or want stained glass and we are always happy to answer them!  Probably the biggest question we get from people who have stained glass is on how to care for the glass they already have.  Keeping your glass free of dirt is a good way to keep it looking good for a long time and keep grime from building up on it.  You can do this simply by lightly running a dry soft cloth over it, every now and again.  However, to get off build up that may already be on your window there is a fairly simple process to follow that will have your windows looking bright again in no time, providing they are not too dirty (which may require a professional cleaning).  The steps below are a starting point for a home cleaning but we cannot stress enough–if there is too much buildup or any type of structural damage at all please leave it to a professional like us at Kansas City Stained Glass.

Steps To Cleaning Your Kansas City Home’s Stained Glass

  1. Start by running a soft dry cloth across the glass.  Stained glass is actually very durable but use care as older windows may have loose panels.  If you come across a broken, cracked or loose pane of glass be sure to call Kansas City Custom Stained Glass to repair the piece and finish the cleaning.
  2. Once the bulk of the dust and dirt has been removed with a dry cloth, switch to soap and water.  Make sure to use an ammonia-free, vinegar-free, non-abrasive, pH-neutral cleaner
  3. Start from the top of the window and work your way down, cleaning each pane within the leaded frames individually.  Feel free to scrub but do not press on the glass too hard, lest it cracks.
  4. After you finish each panel, go back with a cotton swab to clean the by the leaded perimeter using a circular “scoop and lift” method to get the grime by the lead.
  5. Dry the section you cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth and move on to the next section

*Don’t forget to put a towel down on the ledge of your window to keep the water from ruining your wood frame.

**Also Be aware that leaded glass windows contain lead, which can be dangerous to you and especially to children when it is ingested or becomes airborne.  As such we recommend wearing gloves and using proper disposal techniques for any cloth, swab, water or container used in the process.

Kansas City’s Stained Glass Expert

This simple process takes a little bit of time but with a little patience and good old fashioned elbow grease, your window will look fantastic when you are done.  As we mentioned the best way to keep your windows looking great is prevention–keep them clean and have Kansas City Stained Glass repair any damage as soon as it occurs.  Contact us with any question or to schedule a cleaning or repair today

Kansas And Missouri’s Church Restoration Stained Glass Experts

Restoring The Stained Glass On Your Kansas City Church

Your church is something you cherish.  It is something special to you and the other parishioners in your congregation.  Over the years you have seen so many joyous events beneath its lovely arches and magnificent stained glass windows–births, communions, and weddings.  It is no wonder then, that when looking for a contractor to restore or repair the stained glass that has served you and the church so well throughout the years, that you want to find a trusted expert for the job.  Kansas City Stained Glass is just the company to take care of the delicate relics you have grown to love for two very important reasons

Kansas City Stained Glass For Experience

Kansas City Stained Glass started out over 25 years ago with a simple mission to bring the same quality of stained glass to the United States, that we saw all across Europe.  Which is why we blend deep old world knowledge with modern techniques to give our customers the very finest in stained glass construction and restoration.  Additionally, we understand how to work with Church communities to get a consensus from everybody in an efficient and professional manner.

Kansas City Stained Glass For Craftsmanship

At Kansas City Stained Glass we believe that stained glass restoration is only as good as the hands doing the repair, which is why we hire only the highest skilled tradesmen to work on the historic stained and leaded glass of churches and cathedrals just like yours.  When it comes to restoration, it takes a gentle hand and nobody knows that better than our fine craftsmen.

Beyond the two very important aspects of experience and craftsmanship are the deep commitment Kansas City Stained Glass has to customer service.  We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence with every transaction and it is evident from your first call until the last installation expert leaves your church.  It is for these reason that Kansas City Stained Glass is Kansas and Missouri’s stained glass experts.  Contact us today to schedule a free, on-site estimate for your churches stained glass restoration.


Great Spots For Stained Glass In Your Kansas City Home

Stained Glass Kansas City

In our beautiful city of Kansas City, well-manicured lawns and magnificent houses dot the landscape. People here take pride in their abodes big and small and take great care to keep them looking good and well-detailed. This attention to detail and beauty is the reason why stained glass for Kansas City homeowners is a great choice and has the ability to fit perfectly into numerous areas of their homes.

Best Places For Stained Glass In Your Kansas City Home

Stained Glass For Kansas City homes is a great addition and a lasting heirloom for you and your family. While it will work well in any window on your home there are places, there are some areas stained glass is especially well suited to.

Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Entryway Windows: When looking for a stunning way to welcome guests to your home and building curb appeal, stained glass windows are a sure way!

Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Bathroom Windows:  Privacy is hard to come by in cities which is why stained glass is a highly functional and beautiful addition to your Kansas City bathroom.

Stained Glass For Your Kansas City Kitchen Windows: A great way to give your kitchen a pop of color or style is by adding custom stained glass to your cabinets.

Stained Glass Experts Kansas City

When it comes to stained glass in Kansas City, there is no better company in the area that Kansas City Stained Glass. We hire only the most skilled artisans to work on our stained glass windows so that we are able to guarantee beauty and durability to our clients. Our experience spans three decades and numerous desirable design styles. When looking for a stained glass window for your Kansas City home come to us first. We will give you a free estimate and always offer a quick turn around time. Contact us today to get going a stained glass window and the home of your dream.